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1967-1971 - Marching Member/Drum Major

February 1, 2023

Dijon was a member of the corps in the 1960’s, rounding out her career in 1971 as a highly regarded and respected drum major. Her legacy was one of esprit de corps and leadership for those who followed in her footsteps on the podium.

Following the 60th Anniversary Reunion weekend Dijon compiled a wonderful video of photos set to show music of performances from the 70’s. It was a beautiful reminder of the friends we’ve all made through this activity.

If you knew her in person or were friends with her on social media, you know Dijon lived her life with tremendous zest and sparkle, always sharing her joy, generosity and kindness with whomever she crossed paths. Dijon was a beautiful person inside and out. She will be fondly remembered and forever missed.

Sorry, we do not have photos to share at this time.

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