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St. John's Girls Drum Corps
Brantford Girls Drum Corps

August 1, 2023

My Corps Career



How Did I learn about the Corps

My sister Kelly Tully (aka Alabama) marched in the Corps. They were short on cymbal players in the 1980 competition season and they recruited me and my friend Salima Ladak to come fill the spots.




Cymbals, Tympani, Tri-Drums.

I did a season of winter guard too.


Name / Nickname

Kristy Tully ( sometimes called “Little Bama” ) ‘cause Kelly


What skills that I learned that I use today

So many skills.

I can shine the life back into anything metal thanks to Mary-Anne Kane’s Hard Knock School Of Brasso. ( Cymbal Shining )

I learned how to prepare to be outside from 32 degrees to 80 degrees back down to 32 degrees thanks to Pre-Season Burford Field Show Practice Weekend.

I learned how to change my clothes in parking lots, or any other public place, without showing anything important or scaring the public.

I learned that hard work and repetition is the path to improvement.

I learned how to meditate and use visualization to improve performance.

The back of the bus is where the Bad Asses sit.

I learned how to work with people, all people……period.


Did your Involvement with Drum Corps impact your career path and how?

It really did. First of all, it prepared me for hard work, working as a unit to improve and create something. It prepared me to work as a team.

I work as a camera operator and cinematographer. I am asked to work closely with others and to collaborate. It isn’t always easy physically or emotionally. Sometimes we’ll work over 12 hours outside in harsh conditions. I carry a heavy thing and push through uncomfortable positions.

It’s a collaboration, and a dance really between actors, cameras and many other moving parts. Everyone has to put in 110% at the same time, (same take) to succeed. Even when we aren’t getting along, we still work closely together. We are a motley crew. Some call us a circus, but I know we’re really more like a Drum Corps :)


…And a little more literally, I was exposed to the film industry because of the Corps. We were apart of the movie “Follow That Bird”. Being on set and watching the camera fly by over head really caught my attention. To be fair, the unlimited French Fry bar at lunch also caught my attention. Meeting Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus was pretty exciting as well. I loved getting to know how the costumes and Puppeteers worked.


Favorite Memory

  • watching us on the big screen
  • Graduating to tri-drums
  • Winning a medal at Individuals with Rhonda and Patty
  • Going to Jim and Mary-Anne's in Toronto
  • Listening to the judge’s tape after the competition together
  • Sleepovers in the old corp hall
  • The feeling at the end of a perfect show when the crowd is cheering and you’re catching your breath, breathing deeply just beaming with pride.
  • Voilet under the podium during competition

Myself Today

Yesterday, I sat at the back of the bus with my middle schooler and her friends on a school field trip. It made me a little nauseous, but couldn’t help but smile.

I live in LA with my husband, golden retriever and 11 Year old twins Brielle and Kingston.

I work in the film industry. I shoot Documentaries and work as a camera operator on movies and television. It’s not all that different really. Long days with several temperature changes, many layers coming off and going on.

Visualizing movements and collaborating. Repetition. Dark early mornings, van and bus rides, watching the sunrise, lunch lines and pushing through for a common purpose.

With a lot of time off, I also get to bring my family to Brantford a lot and sometimes, when I’m especially lucky, I get to see some lifelong friends I’ve made in the corps.


Kristy Tully

True Pictures Inc
Director of Photography


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